Professional coaching 
is now the most widely used and cost effective 
Leadership Development practice. 

Leadership Development

The performance of every organization directly correlates to the effectiveness of its leaders.  Driven by this experience our purpose is to assist leaders to create a values-based environment where people perform to their full potential and maximize their contributions to the organization. We believe that;

·         When leaders achieve, organizations thrive.

·         Executive development must link directly to the organization's vision, values, and key business challenges and organizational development.

·         Combining real business situations with a strategic learning model creates action-based learning that has real organizational impact.

·         Confidentiality creates a safe environment in which executives give and receive feedback.

Our philosophy is based on the belief that exceptional leadership is learned.  We use several innovative approaches from modern neuroscience and psychology to work with executives to maximize their effectiveness and contribution to the organization.

Executive Coaching

Ever hear the cliché that “it’s lonely at the top.”  In this competitive world, as a business owner or executive who do you talk to when you need someone to talk to?  Who do you confide in when you are at a crossroads?  How do you work out problems or discuss new approaches?  Peer to peer conversations most times lacks the confidentiality and honesty required to be of any value.  “manager to peer” conversations may expose vulnerabilities.  Discussing matters with other business leaders may result in losing your competitive edge.

Our four phase approach focuses on sustainable change at the mindset level, crossing dimensions of awareness, focus, commitment and execution.  

I – DISCOVERY:  The intensive discovery phase includes pre coaching needs analysis, planning, contracting and data gathering.  We assess the clarity of the client’s vision, as well as the values, beliefs, strengths, and style that he or she brings to the table.  Within this phase we employ applicable assessment tools, 360s and if appropriate the organizations existing tools and process.

 II – GOAL SETTING:  We work with the executive on understanding the value of explicitly stating goals.  Essentially this forces a decisive expression of intentions supported by a clear course of action.  Further, it sets the stage for the practical exercise of mapping out strategies related to improved performance and output on both the individual and organizational level. For some clients wanting a more holistic approach this in designed around our optimum balance model.

III– COACHING:  At the executive level the coaching process is designed around an intensity level and


time frame that reflect the executive’s specific goals and context.  We find that the complexity of the coaching engagement increases at the senior level and typical engagements are six months or one year in length. We also offer more targeted programs that deal will the situational issues like, but not limited to; team building, change management, communication, strategic thinking, conflict and interpersonal relationships.  These engagements are typically six months in length.

IV – LONG TERM PLANNING:  In this phase we work with the client and his or her organizational goals to develop strategies for a sustainable long term plan for further growth and development after the coaching engagement ends.  Then at the end of every engagement we measure the client’s satisfaction level.

Current Trend

Clients are engaging us over a longer period of time to address new challenges as they arise. Feedback from our clients suggests a growing need for sounding board services to filter through the ongoing complexity of issues today.  This trend has been growing over the last decade as leaders look for ways to increase the agility and focus for their organizations.



Professional Assessment

We use assessments to aid in increasing clarity and focus for our clients as they determine their strategies to achieve optimum performance.  We assist our clients by providing in-depth debriefs to translate the findings into real world practical strategies.

We specialize in two widely recognized assessment tools. As part of the discovery stage, we will recommend the selection that will best suit the needs of our clients. 

Home Hogan assessments are typically referred to as the Science of Personality. We use these assessments primarily with senior level executives to recognize themes which are currently supporting or detracting from their performance as well as grow key talent as part of the organizations succession planning.  

Hogan uses four core assessments, the Hogan Personality Inventory, Hogan Development Survey, Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory, and Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory measure normal personality characteristics, career derailment risks, core value drivers, and cognitive style, respectively. This multi-dimensional approach to personality assessment provides incredible insight that can serve as a powerful tool.



TTI Success Insights

Talent Insights™

Combining both behaviors (DISC) and driving forces (motivators), assists clients in understanding the how and the why behind their actions.   We typically use these assessments with Senior Leadership in Professional firms as well part of the selection criterial for critical talent with the objective of increasing the company’s core competencies.

The Behaviors/DISC assessment is key in helping people understand HOW they behave and their ability to interact effectively with others in work and life.  The motivators provide us with the why we may do things which both support and hinder our success.

Dsp Wheel Vector Gotham

We are certified and experienced in both assessments as well as experienced in incorporate other assessments that have been provided to the client. Our approach is to first use what exists within the organizations and then bring additional tools to fill in gaps. 

We also provide narrative 360 assessments (we customize based on the situation) as well as 360 tools from both Hogan and TTI. 


Competency mapping

Understanding yourself helps to determine your path to success; however you still need to know where you are going. Competency mapping allows the client to understand how they fit within their current role and where they need to focus their efforts.  It allows an individual to map out a plan to obtain the skills and knowledge needed to move to a higher level of performance or the next level. 

The competency mapping identifies the distinction between knowledge and skill competencies and behavioural competencies.  As this process is only used with executives and high potential professionals, it uses a unique process where the focus is on clearly defining the individual competencies. The competencies are structured around a 4-level approach to understanding the current level of expertise that exists within each of the areas and determine which areas are targeted for developmental growth.

We have found this process useful when using an organization’s existing strategic staffing processes.


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